Pothole Appreciation Society

Pothole Appreciation Society

For all your pothole needs


Welcome to the Pothole Appreciation Society, a place for all things potholes.  Have you got the longest, deepest or widest pothole, and do you want to share that with the world?  This is the place for you!

Do you want to wish a happy birthday or other significant milestone to your favourite pothole?  Join our club and share your pothole with the world!  Or just join in with the discussion and tell the world how much you love potholes,

The Pothole Appreciation Society is proudly published by members of the Hillingdon Liberal Democrats, but no data will be shared between this website and the political party unless you decide to sign up to both.

Our Mission

We love potholes, and want to share our appreciation for these wonderful features of modern Britain with the world.  We don’t know what our life would be like if our governments actually maintained the roads as they should, but I imagine it would be so much worse for us pothole fanatics.  After all, who cares if cars get routinely damaged when you can appreciate the sublime beauty of a hole in the road?

Blaise Baquiche, Liberal Democrat candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip is clearly delighted at finding a great pothole!